Paleontology Certification Program


The Paleontology Certification Program is for those who wish to learn more about paleontology and develop skills in the collection, preparation, curation, and study of fossils.

Course schedules are listed in the Paleontology Certification E-Newsletter and are marked with an asterisk (*) on our Classes page.  If you wish to receive the Paleontology Certification E-Newsletter, please click here to sign up.

Download the full list of 2011 Paleontology Course Descriptions (PDF | 90KB)

You may choose from the following options:

  • Paleontology Certification

    The Paleontology Certification program consists of eight required courses that provide students with an introduction to the history of life as revealed through the fossil record as well as a basic knowledge of the theories and techniques of paleontology.

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  • Paleontology Lab Specialization Certificate

    If you have an interest in fossil preparation, you can receive a Paleontology Lab Specialization Certificate by completing a hands-on Laboratory Methods course.

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  • Paleontology Field Specialization Certificate

    Students with a particular interest in field work may receive a Paleontology Field Specialization Certificate by completing additional related classroom programs, as well as by participating in six days of field work.

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  • Fast Track to Field Option

    Completion of the first three courses is required before registering for the Field Methods in Paleontology course.  A Certificate for Field Specialization will be granted after you have completed the Paleontology Certificate.

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  • Lab Volunteer Option

    Just interested in volunteer opportunities in the DMNS Schlessman Family Paleontology Lab? Simply complete the Laboratory Methods in Paleontology Course to qualify.

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Teacher Graduate Recertification Credit is now offered for all Paleontology Certificate courses through the Colorado Schools of Mines. Please indicate when you register for courses that you are interested in the Recertification Credit. Note: An additional charge will apply for the credit offered.

Registration is required for all courses. Call us at 303.370.6000.



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