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The Lost Spacecraft: Liberty Bell 7 Recovered

Learn more about Liberty Bell 7, the Mercury space program, and more by exploring our list of recommended Web sites.

NASA’s Mercury Program
Learn more about the history of the Mercury program, including manned and unmanned missions. Includes mission summaries, images, and spacecraft technical diagrams.

Images from the Mercury Space Program
This NASA Web site contains a wealth of images from the Mercury space program, including the Liberty Bell 7 mission (called Mercury-Redstone 4).

Discovery Channel’s Liberty Bell 7 Web Site
This site provides several interactive activities. Follow Gus Grissom’s flight, take the capsule search test, and more.

Gus Grissom
Read Grissom’s biography at NASA’s Web site.

How Rocket Engines Work
Learn how different types of rocket engines work.

Build Your Own Paper Rocket
Learn how to make your own paper rocket using everyday materials.

Rocket Classroom Activities
This Web site from the Glenn Learning Technologies Project provides lots of information on the history and principles of rocket science, as well as instructions for building several kinds of rockets in the classroom.

Rocket Modeling Simulator
Design and launch your own virtual rocket on-line!

Also, don't miss the new IMAX film:
Space Station IMAX film
Open October 4, 2002- January 26, 2003
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