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The Lost Spacecraft: Liberty Bell 7 Recovered

»  Liberty Bell 7 is a refrigerator-size, bell-shape spacecraft with a crack painted down its side to represent the original Liberty Bell, a symbol of hope.

Gus Grissom
»  Liberty Bell 7 flew as part of the Mercury program, which lasted 55 months, involved 7,300 contractors, 2 million people, and cost more than $400 million.

»  The capsule finally landed in the Blake Basin, a deep place in the Atlantic where the Sun never shines and saltwater freezes.

»  As the Liberty Bell 7 was disassembled, the restoration crew found cigarette butts, a disposable plastic cup, a small bar of soap, $10.20 in cash and silver certificates, and $5.20 in Mercury dimes, many with unidentified initials and symbols scratched onto their surfaces.
Also, don't miss the new IMAX film:
Space Station IMAX film
Open October 4, 2002- January 26, 2003
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