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 What is JASON?

After Dr. Robert Ballard returned from the scientific expedition, during which he located the wreck of the famed ship Titanic, he received more than 16,000 letters from schoolchildren who had been captivated by the excitement of Dr. Ballard's research and wanted to know how they could get involved. In response, Dr. Ballard founded the JASON Foundation for Education and the JASON Project itself, an annual scientific expedition in which students around the world can participate through "telepresence," a remote connection to the action via telecommunications technologies.

Now in its 10th year, The JASON Project uses advanced curricular and technological approaches to excite and engage millions of students and educators throughout the world in science and technology as it is happening.

In 1999, students and educators will study rainforest dynamics - the interaction between the physical, chemical, and biological components of the rainforest - through the following thematic questions:

  • What are the Earth's physical systems?
  • How do these systems affect life on Earth?
  • What technologies do we use to study these systems, and why?

Find out more about the JASON Project:

The JASON Project in a nutshell

The JASON Project Mission

Explore the national JASON Project home page (

FOR MORE INFORMATION E-MAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: (303) 370-6314


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