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 Participating "At-Large"

The option of participating "at-large" works well for groups that are located far from the DMNH Primary Interactive Network (PIN) Site or an existing JASON Network Site, or for those groups that prefer convenience and flexibility of downlinking the JASON live broadcast through their own receiving equipment.

What does it mean to become a JASON at-large site?

As a JASON At-Large Site you would:

  • receive daily live broadcast segments (single-screen mix) during the two broadcast weeks (no broadcast on Sunday), downlinked directly into your classroom(s) or auditorium.
  • purchase the number of JASON "units" (curricula, online programs access, and expedition videos) you require. Each unit serves five teachers and 150 students.
  • be required to coordinate a training session for your participating teachers. The Museum can travel to you to conduct the training, or you can send a representative to a teacher training in Denver and then conduct your own training, or you can send a representative to the National JASON Educator's Conference, held each year in early fall in Milwaukee, and then conduct your own training.
  • need the following equipment in order to receive the broadcasts: KU Band digital satellite dish, a General Instruments DSR 4200 V digital receiver (can order through the Museum), and a rear-screen projection system (recommended) or a Dish Network (tm) System (this system would allow you to receive only one broadcast segment per day).

FOR MORE INFORMATION E-MAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: (303) 370-6314


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