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 What does it mean to become a JASON NETWORK SITE?

As a JASON Network Site you would

  • serve as a hub for JASON in your area, including inviting local students and teachers to come to your auditorium setting to view the live broadcast.
  • receive up to 55 live broadcast segments (single-screen mix) during the two broadcast weeks (no broadcast on Sunday). You can host as many students as you wish at your auditorium, and you may charge admission for broadcasts - that is all up to you
  • receive 10 JASON "units" (curricula, online programs access, and expedition videos) to serve 50 teachers and 1,500 students (additional units are available for an extra charge).
  • be required to coordinate a training session for your local teachers. The Museum can conduct training at your site, or you can send a representative to a teacher training in Denver and then conduct your own training, or you can send a representative to the National JASON Educator's Conference, held each year in early fall in Milwaukee, and then conduct your own training.
  • need the following equipment in order to receive the broadcasts: KU Band digital satellite dish, a General Instruments DSR 4200 V digital receiver (can order through the Museum), and a rear-screen projection system (recommended) or a Dish Network (tm) System (this system would allow you to receive only one broadcast segment per day).

FOR MORE INFORMATION E-MAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: (303) 370-6314


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