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Note: To complement JASON XI: Going to Extremes, the Museum has created Extreme Colorado. This live Internet broadcast explores local extreme environments. Registration for this free program is required at 303-370-6314.

The JASON Project is a remarkable team effort that brings thousands of educators, researchers, students, representatives of technology organizations, and government agencies together in a global conference. JASON's primary mission is to excite and engage young people in science and technology and to provide professional development opportunities for educators.

The JASON Project is designed as a catalyst for learning about science and technology. It is meant to complement and enhance what teachers are doing in the classroom. Some teachers use the JASON Project as a stand-alone unit, while others integrate it with components of their existing lesson plans. Teachers in many schools have successfully used the JASON Project as part of a thematic approach to learning. For example, an entire middle school might take an interdisciplinary approach to JASON by decorating the school with JASON-related exhibits and emphasizing aspects of the JASON Project in classes during a specific period of time.

Regardless of how teachers organize the JASON Project within their school or classroom, it should be used to expand intellectual horizons and spark further inquiry. To this end, we encourage teachers to fully adapt the JASON pedagogical approach, which includes the following elements:

  • An emphasis on hands-on learning
  • A focus on interdisciplinary learning
  • Teaching about and with technology
  • Connecting with current scientific research

The JASON expedition experience culminates each year with live, interactive broadcasts via satellite from a real science expedition in progress. This is a unique opportunity for students to participate in the expedition with JASON researchers and other students from around the world. Each year, the JASON Argonaut Program offers a limited number of students and teachers from across the country the opportunity to work alongside scientists, engineers, and technicians at the JASON expedition site; and to assist in the delivery of the Live Expedition Telepresence.

FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding the JASON Project at the Denver Museum of Natural History, e-mail: [email protected]

PHONE: 303-370-6314

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