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Chimpanzees of Gombe
Jane Goodall
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Small photo of chimpanzee © Michael Neugebauer
Large photo of chimpanzee © Michael Neugebauer
IMAX chimpanzee © Science Museum of Minnesota
Dr. Goodall howling with chimpanzee © Michael Neugebauer

Exhibition Page

All exhibition photos © Michael Neugebauer

Chimpanzees Page

All photos of the f troop chimpanzees © Ian Gilby, Elizabeth Vinson Lonsdorf, Bill Wallauer, Kristin Mosher, JGI, Science North, Canada, or Science Museum of Minnesota

Jane Goodall Page

Black and white photo of Dr. Goodall © Hugo van Lawick
Dr. Goodall observing chimpanzee © Michael Neugebauer
Dr. Goodall standing © Michael Neugebauer
Facial close-up of Dr. Goodall courtesy of Elizabeth Lonsdorf

Where’s Gombe Pop-Up Page

Gombe National Park coastline courtesy of Science Museum of Minnesota