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Transport yourself to Africa: Discovering Chimpanzees makes it easy! You’ll find lots to do in this simulated Tanzanian forest as you explore the daily activities of chimpanzees, techniques used by chimp researchers, and ways you can make a difference to the health of our planet.


Enter the Jungle

Enter the forest of Gombe National Park! Images of trees, a giant waterfall, and playful chimps surround you. Locate the park on a map to get your bearings, then it’s on to your African adventure!


Chimp Forest

The life-size chimp forest re-creates Gombe in three dimensions. Test your chimpanzee skills by walking and talking like a chimp. Climb into a chimp nest where chimps sleep and “fish” for termites from termite mounds. It’s not as easy as it looks!


The Work of Jane Goodall

Duck under the tent flaps of Jane Goodall’s research station to witness her work firsthand. A video tells the story of Dr. Goodall’s fascinating research in Gombe. Try some research for yourself at the observation station, where you’ll watch chimps in the wild and record your observations.



Chimps are primates, and so are you! Check out all the primate families on the primate wall. Then, compare your weight, strength, and size to your relatives’. Are you as strong as a chimp or as tall as a gibbon?


Reasons for Hope

A video of Dr. Goodall offers hope for the future of chimps and other endangered species. Find out how you can help make a difference in this inspirational multimedia display.