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IMAX? - Everest

The top of Mount Everest calls only to the most daring and determined individuals who are convinced that dreams can be realized through incredible effort and risk.

Filmed in breathtaking IMAX® photography, the story of the tallest Himalayan peak and one of humanity's greatest adventures comes to the largest motion picture screens in the world.

tells the dramatic true story of the Everest expedition's journey to the summit, just days after the infamous 1996 tragedy in which eight climbers lost their lives in a deadly storm. Over creaking ice falls, across quaking chasms, up dangerous, towering cliffs, through a harrowing rescue of fellow mountaineers, and into the mystical danger zone of oxygen-thin altitude, the IMAX® camera team maintains the spirit of determination, optimism, and camaraderie that leads to miraculous achievements.

"Great fictional films impart an emotional story of a life-and-death struggle. Our large-format films, being nonfiction, have never before had that same urgency and poignancy. But with Everest, we have these powerful story elements in a real, nonfiction film, photographed as it all happened in the most hyper-realistic format yet invented," says producer Greg MacGillivray.

Everest is a MacGillivray Freeman Films presentation in association with Arcturus Motion Pictures. The film is co-directed by David Breashears, who summited Mount Everest himself to bring back this remarkable chronicle. The stars are the expedition members themselves: Ed Viesturs, Araceli Segarra, Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Sumiyo Tsuzuki, Paula Viesturs, and the Sherpas who helped carry the heaviest camera ever to film on Everest's peak. The film was sponsored in part by the Denver Museum of Natural History.

Everest is presented by Founders Funds.

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1999 Schedule


February 12 - October 7

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February 12 - February 29

Mysteries of Egypt
June 11 - February 29

October 8 - February 10

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