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Opens June 4, 2004

Imagine taking a HUGE magnifying glass and placing it over a decaying ruin in a lush tropical rainforest in Borneo. Then picture all of the flying, creeping, and crawling things that would materialize. Now you're getting the idea ...

Bugs!, a live-action nature drama, traces the lives of its colorful main characters, Hierodula and Papilio, a praying mantis and butterfly. It's an immersive experience as you travel alongside them, meeting Borneo's insect inhabitants—skulking tarantulas, sleek scorpions, and erratic jungle nymphs—who are magnified up to 250,000 times their normal size.

Narrated by Oscar-winner Dame Judi Dench, Bugs! won "Best Film" at last year's Large Format Cinema Association's Film Festival in Los Angeles. The buzz on this one is impressive!





Mysteries of Egypt
Opens September 10, 2004

Windswept sands along the mighty Nile. Hushed pyramids shadowed by mummy curses. These are the images that whisper of the ancients, giving life to words like Luxor and Karnak, Ramses and Nefertiti.

In Mysteries of Egypt, viewers are swept back to one of the greatest and most intriguing civilizations of all time. Gaze into the eyes of a Sphinx. Rummage through the treasures of King Tut. And explore the Valley of the Kings.

The film's story unfolds through Omar Sharif, stately grandfather and narrator, who divulges the secrets of Egypt to his young granddaughter. Fascinated, she listens intently, taking in a history that is much more than she ever imagined.



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