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A heart-pounding, breathtaking caving adventure awaits you. Even if you’ve never owned a climbing rope or visited a cave, it’s time to rappel into the Museum to experience Journey into Amazing Caves. The movie takes audiences into the earth and under the sea to experience the fascinating world of caves. Bring oxygen if you go. You might need it.

Narrated by actor Liam Neeson, the adventure-science travelogue is a production of MacGillivray Freeman Films, producers of Everest, and features orchestral rock music by the Moody Blues. Journey into Amazing Caves features two skilled cavers, Dr. Hazel Barton (a former resident of Denver) and schoolteacher-expert caver Nancy Aulenbach. Barton is in search of extremophiles, microorganisms living under extreme conditions in a wild variety of caves. Aulenbach keeps in touch with a classroom full of curious students via the Internet—posting streaming video of her latest adventures and discoveries.

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Currently running through May 29, 2003

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