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The Magic of Flight, which is narrated by Tom Selleck, is more than the story of machines. The large-format film is also the story of human potential and the importance of training and performance.

In The Magic of Flight, viewers will be inspired by a bird's innate ease to take flight and see man's efforts to imitate this ability. Aviation historian Tom Crouch, of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., lends his expertise and light hearted humor as he recalls early flight attempts and the ultimate successful flight of the Wright brothers in 1903. Steering from earlier flight ventures to modern aviation, the movie introduces audiences to high-performance jets.

The impressive skills of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron is one of the most compelling aspects of the film.

Viewers witness a Blue Angels' practice session where pilots repeat and refine technical maneuvers.

The film includes interviews with Blue Angels pilots and champion aerobatics pilots Sean Tucker and Patty Wagstaff. The maneuvers demonstrated by the "Blues" and aerobatic pilots Tucker and Wagstaff are physically demanding, and viewers will see how they train their bodies to adapt to the stress of G-forces.

The variety and versatility of today's flying machines are displayed throughout the film.

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