Space Odyssey
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Museum Galaxy Guides
Your Hosts to the Universe
What makes Space Odyssey unique: immersive environments, hands-on exhibits, digital information, live programming? All of the above. But what makes Space Odyssey possible, and brings these four elements to life, are the Museum Galaxy Guides: your hosts to the universe.

Welcome to Space Odyssey
More than 400 Museum volunteers enliven and enrich Space Odyssey. You’ll see them from the moment you arrive, demonstrating zero gravity, broadcasting space news, sharing folktales about the night sky, reading your astronomical “fortune,” and much more.

Galaxy Guide Academy
To learn an abundance of information about space science, each Museum Galaxy Guide attends the Galaxy Guide Academy. Volunteers may choose their learning track, taught by astronomers and other space scientists, to become either exhibit facilitators or performers. Hours of study and rehearsing result in Museum Galaxy Guides with an extensive knowledge of space science topics.

How Do They Know So Much?
To keep up-to-date with recent discoveries and events, Museum Galaxy Guides have access to a wealth of information from the Space Odyssey Newsroom. Volunteers in the Newsroom search the Web for space science information daily, sharing it with their on-floor counterparts and ultimately, the public.

Who Are They?
Museum Galaxy Guides come from a host of backgrounds and include space science professionals, enthusiasts, and people who just love sharing time with the public like Darrell Walters, the Dueck Family, and Larry Wright.

Families, teens, retirees, and career people all volunteer. Interested in becoming a Museum Galaxy Guide? Call (303.370.6459) or e-mail Jacqueline Close, Space Odyssey volunteer coordinator.



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