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Chaos to Cosmos: A Space Odyssey book coverChaos to Cosmos: A Space Odyssey
You’ve seen the exhibition, now read the book! Chaos to Cosmos: A Space Odyssey is the perfect souvenir of your visit to the Museum’s new, permanent space science exhibition and a great way to learn more about the universe. Chaos to Cosmos explores cultural ties to the night sky, the basic tenets of space science, modern exploration of the solar system, and the search for life beyond Earth.

Written by three experts in space science, Chaos to Cosmos brings the complexities of space science down to Earth using clear and engaging writing, breathtaking images, and easy-to-understand diagrams. This book is perfect for the space science novice or for those wishing to learn more about what lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

$21.95 softcover, $29.95 hardcover; full-color; 144 pages. Purchase a copy by visiting the Museum Shop or by calling 303.370.6366.


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