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Grizzlies, sea lions, black bears, walruses—all are majestic and impressive creatures, with habitats ranging from the California coast to the Rocky Mountains, and as far north as the Bering Sea.

The ten wildlife exhibits in the Bears and Sea Mammals gallery feature some of the largest mammals in the Museum's collections. Many of the exhibits depict scenes from the Alaskan peninsula, where brown bears, walrus, fur seals—and the ever-popular polar bears—make their homes.

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Permanent Exhibits
Australia and South Pacific Islands  
Bears and Sea Mammals  
Botswana: Safari to Wild Africa  
Edge of the Wild  
Egyptian Mummies  
Explore Colorado  
Gems and Minerals  
Hall of Life  
North American Indian Cultures  
North American Wildlife  
Prehistoric Journey  
Rare Birds  
South America  
Space Odyssey  

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