Lizards & Snakes


Opens February 3, 2012
FREE with Museum Admission

They're almost everywhere -- harsh desert to lush rainforest, high in the treetops, beneath the ground. Whatever the environment, one of the 8,000 species of lizards and snakes on Earth calls it home.

This spring, see more than 60 live snakes and lizards from five continents as you explore the evolution, movement, and feeding habits of this ancient group of animals.

More diverse than mammals and as old as dinosaurs, find out about the remarkable adaptations -- from lightning-fast tongues to the ability to sprint across water -- that have made lizards and snakes one of the most successful groups of animals on the planet.



Know Your Snow

Whether you're always on the lookout for the next Epic Pass-worthy, call-in-sick powder day-or just love a good snowball fight, you'll get to know snow like never before.

Egyptian Mummies

On Permanent Display
Two mummies teach modern scientists how the ancient civilization of Egypt regarded its living and preserved its dead.

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