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  Learn how Colorado's large mammals, once on the road to extinction, now compete with humans for an ever-shrinking habitat.

Edge of the Wild, which reopened in 1994 after an extensive 29-month facelift, includes eight dioramas depicting the natural history of these Colorado mammals and the wildlife management issues surrounding them.

Sounds, smells, hands-on specimens, and videos showing animal behavior help bring the Edge of the Wild animals to life.

Visitors can hear an elk bugle, a bison grunt, and a mountain lion scream; count the rings on a bighorn sheep horn to determine its age; bury their fingers in a bison's thick winter coat; test their skill at tracking a radio-collared mountain lion using computer-simulated triangulation; study hoof prints left in "mudholes" scattered around the hall, and much more.

Click here for a note on the dioramas and the specimens in them.
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