(From left to right) Kirk Johnson, Stan Robson, Glenn Graham, Bob Raynolds, and Bill Sanford examine core on the delivery table.
Each five-foot core section is greeted by an enthusiastic crowd.
Layne Western drill rigs operate 24 hours a day, rain, shine, snow, and WIND
Jerry Koch's microscope-built-for-two provides double the pleasure.
Paleobotanist Kirk Johnson wilts after graveyard shift.
Students of all ages examine the displays in the Elbert County Ag Building where we are doing our core descriptions.
Bob Raynolds shares some core with a crowd of admirers.
Drilling staff fine tune the coring procedure. All efforts are devoted to recovering as complete a core as possible!
Night driller Steve displays his singed flank, the result of cuddling too close to the propane heater in the dog house.

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