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Colorado Springs Parks Projects
The DMNS is coordinating a series of paleontological inventories of the city parks in Colorado Springs. Museum volunteers have mapped geology and located fossil sites on three city parks. Selected sites have been quarried for fossil leaves. The data is being integrated into the Denver Basin Project.

Denver Basin Dinosaur Surveys
Chief Preparator Ken Carpenter and his crew in the Museum's fossil lab are busy surveying construction sites in northwestern Denver for new dinosaur finds. In 1998, they found 13 new dinosaur locations. Fossils included duck-billed dinosaurs, horned dinosaurs, bone-headed dinosaurs, and carnivorous dinosaurs.

Roadwork with the Colorado Department of Transportation
As roads are repaired or widened in the Colorado highway system, CDOT paleontologist Steve Wallace surveys for fossil sites that may be destroyed by the roadwork. When he identifies a site, Steve contacts the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and crews are sent to evaluate and excavate the site. As Interstate 25 is widened, DMNS crews will salvage the fossils and integrate the fossil data into the Denver Basin Project.

The Fossil Posse
When someone finds a fossil or something they think might be a fossil, they should call the Fossil Posse at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The Posse is a group of trained volunteers that makes an initial site assessment. If their report is favorable, DMNS scientists visit the site, obtain permission from the landowners, and excavate the site. If you have a need for the Fossil Posse, call Cheryl DeGraff at 303-370-6473.

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