JASON Project X: Rainforests-A Wet & Wild Adventure
On March 1, The JASON Project began live broadcasts at the DMNH from the rainforest in Peru. These broadcasts reach hundreds of venues throughout the country and highlight DMNH research on the fossil rainforest at Castle Rock. This work is featured on the JASON Web site at

Denver Botanic Gardens
In November, the Boettcher Memorial Conservatory reopened at the Denver Botanic Gardens. To illustrate Denver's "past life" as a rainforest, the redesign includes actual fossil palm fronds from the Denver International Airport fossil site and imprints of fossil leaves in the walkways.

Know Your Neighbors
"Know Your Neighbors" is an interactive computer program about the geology and paleontology of the Denver Basin. This computer program will be part of Colossal Fossil Vacation, which runs through July 5 at the Museum. Visitors enter their addresses into the Geographic Information System (GIS) and access information about modern and ancient plants and animals from their area.

Colossal Fossil Vacation On February 19, DMNH opened its spring program, the Colossal Fossil Vacation. This combination of exhibits and programs includes a new exhibition called Cruisin' the Fossil Freeway, featuring the artwork of Ray Troll and spectacular new fossils from the Museum's collections. Children will be able to dig dinosaurs in the "Bone Zone," and the largest mammoth skeleton in the world will be mounted at the "Mammoth Monument" in the Museum's Northeast Atrium. Part of the program, called "Diggin' Up Denver," will feature information about the Denver Basin and allow people to use the "Know Your Neighbors" computer program.

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