Regan Dunn graduated from Colorado State University in 1995 with a B.S. in biological sciences. Since then she has turned migratory and finds herself roaming the Colorado Plateau searching for the perfect job. Extremely versatile, she has worked in a toxicology lab doing biological research, guided river trips on many of Coloradoís rivers, and has taught skiing to unruly, squirming youngsters trapped in Steamboat Springs. Her travels have forced her to be mobileóshe has lived in more than 13 places in the past 18 months and is thankful for her Subaru. Somewhere along this journey, her interests have turned toward paleontology and geology, and that led her to the Denver Basin Project.

Paul Harnick received his B.A. in geology with a minor in history from Oberlin College in Ohio in 1998. "Go west young man" someone said, and Paulís days of quietly walking the streets of Ithaca, New York were over. Four days of driving a slow rambling path across the United States brought Paul to his destiny as an intern on the Denver Basin Project. Being the Appalachian Trail hiker, clog dancer, and guitar plucker that he is, Paul is not your typical New Yorkeróheís actually from Baltimore. Paul strives daily to get eight hours of sleep after being forced onto the first week of the graveyard shift. Among Paulís aspirations are buying more fiddle music CDs and finding his lifeís direction within the coming year.

Shannon Romo is a senior at the University of Colorado-Boulder where she is completing a B.S. in the Department of Evolutionary, Population, and Organismic Biology. She was minding her own business and volunteering in the paleobotany collection at the Denver Museum of Natural History when she was vacuumed up by the Denver Basin Project.

Richard Barclay hails from Bellingham, Washington, where he received his B.S. in geology at Western Washington University. Although Rich is adapting quite well to Coloradoís climate, he still carries his umbrella and goulashes. Apparently he was a little confused when Kirk spoke of a rainforest in Kiowa. Richís new pastime involves meticulously cleaning core segments and making appearances in local newspapers. This Carhart-clad geowizard is easily recognized by the core barrel he carries on his shoulder. Rick will be attending graduate school in the fall, but the school itself remains to be chosen.


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