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Launching the Space Science Initiative
The institution entered a new century with two major announcements: a new name, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and plans for its most ambitious effort in its 100-year history, the Space Science Initiative. The Museum is embarking on a $45 million, 30,000-square-foot space science project involving exhibits, educational programming, building modifications, an entire new collection, and a renovated planetarium. When the final product opens in 2003, visitors will get the feeling of being in space. Thanks to the latest display technologies, our new digital collection, and a built-in capability to quickly update information, the visitor’s experience will never be the same twice.

From a tiny log cabin in Breckenridge to a 500,000-square-foot institution in Denver’s City Park whose reach will soon expand beyond Earth, the DMNS has evolved into a world-renowned museum that has enlightened, educated, and entertained millions of people. What changes will the next 100 years bring? At the Museum’s opening exercises in 1908, the institution’s president, John F. Campion, said, “A museum of natural history is never finished.” Indeed, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will always be a work in progress.

Introduction—100 Years Young
Chapter 1—A Museum is Born
Chapter 2—Placing the Museum on the Map
Chapter 3—A Director Leaves a Lasting Impression
Chapter 4—Huge Boost to Anthropology Collections
Chapter 5—IMAX Comes to Denver
Chapter 6—New Programs Thanks to New Funds

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