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Share your memories of the Museum, whether it's a favorite exhibit, diorama, or something you learned at the Museum. Submit your memories in writing and/or photographs. They will be displayed on our Memory Wall through the end of 2001.

Written memories and photographs can be submitted via email, or mailed to:

    Heather Robinson, Marketing Department
    Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    2001 Colorado Blvd.
    Denver, CO 80205

Please Note: Photographs will not be returned to senders.

Read samples from the Memory Wall:

"Walking smack through the back of a diorama gave our son Max one of the biggest thrills of his preschool life.

"Thanks to the DMNS Treasure House program, hidden doors opened—both real and imaginary—always with fun and knowledge waiting on the other side. As exciting as each monthly topic was—bugs, birds, reptiles, rocks, and more—his favorite was “The Making of a Museum.” Max’s awe in being allowed behind the glass was eclipsed only by wearing a genuine DMNS security badge, testing the Museum alarm system, and riding the employees-only freight elevators. Treasure House kids never felt like mere visitors in some dusty, old institution; they “owned” the place! How rewarding it has been for Max to know that he can explore outer space, sift for shark teeth, or warm soup in a Navajo hogan anytime he goes to “his” Museum.

"Our younger son Evan will begin his Treasure House adventure this April and we couldn’t be more delighted."
-Gillian and Steven Segal

"When our daughters were young they were in awe of the dinosaurs. Our youngest, inspired by the Museum, built a meglosaurus for a fifth-grade project—logs, twigs, and elk antlers. It has remained a fixture on our deck at our log home in Fraser for the past thirteen years. Congratulations for influencing creativity in youngsters and allowing imaginations to run their course."
- Barb and Greg McIlvain.

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