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Wednesday was cool with light wind and partial sun.

Dr. Ken Carpenter and his Denver Museum of Nature and Science field team are continuing to uncover many fossils from the dinosaur Gastonia. At least 25 new fossilized bones were found and fully uncovered in just one day. Preparations are being made today to begin the task of removing all complete and bone fragments from the top face of the quarry. Each bone receives a label on its wrapping telling its specimen number, which is referenced to a master site map. Scientific process dictates that all information (such as condition of the specimen, location, name of the bone, etc.) is saved for future study in the lab.

Thirty-five miles to the west, the second DMNS field team carried out another day of prospecting for future dig sites. This morning, team manager Frank Sanders reported that on Tuesday his group of 12 people covered several thousand acres of backcountry on foot, finding only a few dinosaur bone chips. He is not discouraged and says it is quite normal for searchers to work for weeks looking for the one lead that will turn into a useful dig area. They will plan to cover even more land tomorrow (Thursday).

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