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Dr. Ken Carpenter and the Museum field staff worked Tuesday under a high wind warning, which was caused by an approaching storm system from the Pacific. Dust was flying all over the eastern Utah location north of Arches National Park by 9:00 a.m., but lab volunteer Kathy Brill said it was better than the biting gnats experienced the day before.

Dr. Carpenter confirmed that his team was uncovering the fossilized bones of an armored dinosaur called Gastonia. Although the bones seem fairly scattered, it appears a substantial portion of the dinosaur is represented at the site. Lab volunteers are using fairly common tools to dig Gastonia, including small picks, paint brushes, small screwdrivers, and tiny chisels. The blasting wind is helping to keep the site free of debris—and people, if they’re not well anchored.

Another part of the team is working on a separate dinosaur, a short 20 meters away from the first. Dr. Carpenter has identified many more potential excavation sites in this immediate area, which the Museum crew will check out later during the research project. Weather forecast for tomorrow includes rain.

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