Membership, Volunteers, Donors
Volunteer Programs
Museum volunteers range in age from 8 to 95 and donated 204,170 hours to programs, from way-finding and visitor services to leading guided tours and working with teens.

The teen program to increase science literacy and offer meaningful work experiences to teenagers includes our most diverse volunteer population.

This year, 75 teens contributed 6,700 hours as Hall of Life and Children Workshop assistants, gallery presenters, and staff assistants.

Donor Programs
Our Annual Appeal raised $28,466, and was equally matched by an anonymous donor.

A general operating grant of $112,500 was received from the Institute of Museum Services.

The Naturalist Club Council, led by Dr. John Sabel, raised $248,000 from 174 donors.

In the future, the Museum will benefit from members of the Legacy Society, who have included the Museum in their estate plans.

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