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Bears and Sea Mammals Gallery

  Visit the brown bear on the Alaskan Peninsula and the grizzly bear throughout the state. And who can forget the polar bear, which also lives in Alaska.

Back on the mainland, the black bear can be found in the Middle Geyser Basin of Yellowstone Park. Grizzly bears also frequented Colorado near Pagosa Springs in Archuleta County until the state's last known grizzly was killed in 1979. The glacier bear and Kermode's bear are also shown in their natural habitats.

The sea mammals come from surrounding areas north and south. Arctic Alaska is home to the ribbon seal, while the northern fur seal inhabits the Pribilof Islands of the Bering Sea. The Diomede Islands of the Bering Strait boast the majestic walrus as well as the harbor seal.

Closer to home, the sea lion soaks up the sun on ocean rocks off Monterey County, California.

Click here for a note on the dioramas and the specimens in them.

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