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Using physical remains and material evidence of past human life and activity, scientists at the Denver Museum of Natural History have used these archaeological finds to answer some of these questions in our Hall of Ancient Peoples.

Colorado's diverse landscape and shifting climate have supported many ways of life since the end of the Ice Age. Our state's first-known inhabitants came to the new continent by following herds of bison, mammoth, and musk ox for food. The simple artifacts of everyday life displayed here show how our ancestors lived.

The world of the ancient Maya, Aztec, and Inca people can be seen through artifacts found in the southern part of the world. Evidence of the artistry of these inhabitants, as well as the tools they used to advance their cultural methods, can be seen in the exhibit.

The wealth collected from the New World also tells us a lot about our early times. The golden treasures that excited Europe from the time Columbus first set sail in 1492 provide evidence of the hope for prosperity that surrounded the New World. This gold made Spain one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

So take a look back to our humble beginnings at the home of Ancient Peoples.

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