DMNS AdventureCam

Take advantage of our DMNS AdventureCam and get a sneak peek — 360 degrees around! — of some of our most popular exhibits.

Click on any one of the still photos at right to go to the QTVR panoramas.

Each panorama comes in two versions: small (about 100K or so and
LARGE (about 500K for those of you with faster connections).

Hint: the 500K file may take about five minutes or so to finish loading on 28.8 connections.

(This area requires the QTVR® plug-in, available for free directly from Apple Computer)

Click here to obtain the QTVR plug-in and other components for your platform.

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A sneak peek of one area in Prehistoric Journey!

small QTVR (100k) LARGE QTVR (500K)

A sneak peek of one area in "Hall of Life"!

small QTVR (100k) LARGE QTVR (500K)

Have a look around the main entrance!

small QTVR (100k) LARGE QTVR (500K)

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