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Denver Basin Project
Part of the Museum's Web site, this section describes the research project that provided the basis for the Ancient Denvers paintings.

Follow a Fossil
Learn all about fossils in this section of the Museum's Web site.

Castle Rock Fossil Rainforest
Learn more about the Museum's Castle Rock fossil rainforest project by visiting this site maintained by Museum volunteer Steve Wagner.

Geologic Time
Learn more about geologic time at this Web site from the University of California at Berkeley.

A Brief History of Life
Take an interactive journey through the history of life on Earth at this Web site from the PBS program, NOVA.

Timelines - American Museum of Natural History
Includes depictions of several different time periods throughout geologic history.

Return to the Ice Age
Find out what Los Angeles was like during the Ice Age at this Web site from the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits.

Curse of T. rex
Find out about the largest known carnivore in North American history and learn about the plants, animals, and insect that also inhabited T. rex's stomping grounds.

This Web site from National Geographic features a model of a 110 million-year-old, forty-foot-long crocodile. The model was designed and built by Ancient Denvers' artist Gary Staab

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Ancient Denvers Book

Ancient Denvers book Propel yourself back in time 300 million years to scenes from an ancient Colorado you never imagined. Ancient Denvers: Scenes from the Past 300 Million Years of the Colorado Front Range showcases thirteen beautiful, full-color reproductions of landscapes from the distant past, accompanied by compelling descriptions of the flora and fauna that existed in Colorado throughout time. The perfect road guide for anyone wishing to delve into Colorado’s ancient past, this book includes a detailed map pinpointing parks and open-space sites along the Front Range where geologic remnants of these prehistoric scenes can be found today. Discover shallow seas, dense forests, murky swamps, and windswept deserts, all resting beneath your feet, waiting to be brought to light.

ISBN 0-916278-73-5 (paper), $9.95
34 pages, 10 1/4 x 8 1/2,, full-color illustrations and photographs.
To order, call the Museum Shop (303-370-6366).

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