Ancient Denvers
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Donna Braginetz Donna Braginetz is known for her precise renderings of dinosaurs and other ancient life. She painted the reconstruction of the site of Denver International Airport as it looked 65 million years ago. This painting and the public's response to it were the inspiration for the Ancient Denvers Project.
Gary Staab Gary Staab is a well-known sculptor and painter of prehistoric animals. His work has appeared on the cover of Natural History magazine. Gary is a former employee of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where he did a number of sculptures for the Prehistoric Journey exhibition.
Jan Vriesen Jan Vriesen is a world-renowned painter and muralist. He is best known for large paintings that form the backdrops of museum dioramas. Jan painted the Kansas Coastline diorama mural for the Prehistoric Journey exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

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